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Fiesta Mart Bakery

Fiesta Mart Bakery

Stop by your Fiesta Mart Bakery to get the taste of the world! Every day at Fiesta Mart Bakeries, our bakers churn out delicious items made from scratch.

Bakery Imagery

At our bakeries, you will find a multi-cultural range of products including, but not limited to, Tres Leches Cake made with real whipped cream, fresh pita baked on an old world stone oven, bolillos and tortillas, as well as a complete variety of yummy treats like donuts, danish, croissants, breads and rolls. We offer varieties of sourdough, ciabatta, focaccia, cinnamon nut bread and more. All this is made with the finest ingredients from leading manufacturers.

Have special dietary restrictions? We feature a variety of sugar-free items that are all natural and great tasting. Our old world style artisan bread is made from whole grain flour.

Our bakers are highly skilled craftsmen and are the best at their profession. Our skilled cake decorators make your occasions extra special with a cake from your Fiesta Mart Bakery. You can order all types of cakes ranging from wedding cakes, birthday cakes, quinceañera cakes, signature cakes for kids, or choose from a full line of dessert cakes.

Planning a party? Order a custom cake that's sure to delight the crowd. Our talented bakers can accommodate a variety of requests. Not sure which cake will be the favorite? Don't hesitate to ask us. We are happy to help YOU create the best impression at all times.

Please make sure you stop by Fiesta Mart Bakery during your shopping experience at Fiesta. We guarantee you will be pleased!