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Hispanic Foods

Welcome to Fiesta's 'Land of Sabores' where you will find numerous Latin American countries represented throughout our aisles.

Hispanic Foods _ Updated

Let's begin our journey in Mexico where you can find everything from Abuelita chocolate to Zulka brown sugar. Take a walk towards Yucatan and sample the ancient Mayans' recipe for Kutbil-Ik (crushed chilies), Yucateco habanero XXXtra hot sauce. With 11,600 Scoville heat units, make sure you have a cold bottle of Topo Chico mineral water to extinguish the flames. This mineral water dates back to 1895 and has its origins in Monterrey. Bottled directly from the natural spring where it was discovered at a small mole-shaped hill named Topo Chico. It is enriched with minerals and is naturally purified and distilled.

A short distance ahead, you'll find the perfect item to complement your hot sauce, El Salvador's own Diana brand snack foods. Choose from a variety of products including platanitos or yucca chips. Find crispy slices of plantains or yucca, lightly seasoned and 100% natural. Use crushed plantains as this is a great substitute for flour and is gluten free. Break the routine and experience the 'Sabores' of Fiesta.

To your left in Guatemala we have a Central American staple, frijol de seda. This red bean has a silky texture and a delicious, creamy, sweet flavor. Ducal brand frijoles volteados (refried beans) are a favorite with any meal. We offer an assortment, including black beans with jalapeño or cheese and black beans flavored with chorizo. Try them as a filling for pupusas or with your morning eggs. We also offer fruit nectars and flavored tomato sauces from the Ducal brands.

Experience the "Gold of the Incas," lucuma fruit, a delicately flavored tropical fruit with a unique taste similar to caramel custard. Use it for making homemade ice cream or shakes. In Peru, lucuma flavored ice cream is said to be preferred over more traditional flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. It is available in a powdered mix and a frozen pulp. Find the Goya brand Lucuma pulp in our frozen food department.

If you look ahead and to your right, you will see yerba mate, the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. This beverage has the same strength as coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate. Need some motivation and focus? One cup and you are on your way. The Taragui brand of yerba mate from Argentina is one of several brands available.

This concludes our brief journey through Fiestas "Land of Sabores."  If at any time you don't find an item that you are looking for, let us know and we will find the product to make your cuisine truly auténtico.