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Around the World takes 80 days? Not at Fiesta Mart! The International Department at Fiesta brings the world's authentic taste to one place - our stores! You can find packaged foods, cooking sauces, beverages, cookies, candies, snacks, and more from around the world. As you walk through the aisles, you will find items from all corners of the globe to suit your palate. Get out of the culinary rut and try something new.

International Dept

Your morning can begin with a refreshing start from Twining's English breakfast tea, a spread of MacKay lemon curd, or with Lyle's golden syrup on the top of your flapjack. Or created a traditional British brunch with Irish style bacon and pork bangers.

Prepare an authentic Thai lunch, using a few teaspoons of Thai Kitchen Curry Paste and a can of Chaokoh coconut milk, and serve with Jasmine rice or rice noodles. Want to try something spicy? Try Simply Asia Stir Fry sauce to cook with your dish and give it a twist, Chinese style. Sprinkle some Maggi oriental seasoning sauce on the top to enrich the flavor of your dish.

An ideal lunch is hummus dip, baba ghanoush, pita bread and a Greek salad or cup of hot soup. It is light and healthy. Kefir-Greek Style Yogurt Drink, Fage Greek Yogurt and yogurt spread are getting all kinds of attention as well. 

Back home after a tiring day? Have a cup of Horlicks or Ribena to rejuvenate your energy. This is best served with McVitie's Digestive Biscuits, rice tea biscuits or Walkers butter shortbread. Cadbury candy is an excellent treat for a chocolate lover.

Try a Japanese snack for happy hour. Heat up a bag of frozen edamame in the microwave with a dash of sea salt, and add a few shrimp tempera or a sushi roll for a great appetizer.

Kohinoor creates an easy way for everybody to be a chef of Indian cuisine. Use ready-to-serve curry with your basmati rice, naan or paratha. Fiesta carries a variety of lentils, spices, nuts, Indian vegetables and masala for you to prepare your own Indian cuisine from scratch. 

Enjoy a Ginger Beer soda or Ting-Grapefruit soda along with Pickapeppa Mango. Ginger hot sauce with jerk chicken will help to bring back memories of a wonderful Caribbean cruise.

Don't forget to stock up on unique flavors of Simply 7 Hummus, Lentil chips or Grace Plantain chips for your party or movie night.

Our stores are designed to suit your needs. If there is anything that you are looking for and cannot find, just ask. It is our honor to serve YOU. We are committed to offering the best shopping experience and strive to make Fiesta your one-stop shop!