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At Fiesta, we understand the important steps that you take to ensure that your family eats right to stay healthy. We offer a high quality, seasonally rotating selection of fresh produce, with special emphasis on locally sourced and organic produce.

We are blessed to be in a state where there is an abundance of produce. We work very closely with Texas farmers and take pride knowing that much of our produce is native Texan. Local produce, along with careful handling of the produce that is shipped to our stores, helps us to ensure that you are able to put fresh and crisp fruits and vegetables on your table. At Fiesta, we take steps to ensure that the fruits and vegetables have a long shelf life once you take them home.

Once you enter the produce department you will find the very best of Conventional and Organic worlds. Each vegetable and fruit has a unique combination of nutrients. All forms of fruits and veggies are healthy options whether fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or juiced.

At Fiesta, we strive to offer a wide variety of produce in all forms. We carry produce ranging from bunch beets, Italian parsley, and turnip greens to Napa cabbage, green Swiss chard, cebollita rabo, Boston lettuce, different varieties of squash and many more. Our fruit selection ranges from apples and oranges, to honey dews, pomegranates, strawberries, and many more. Walk into Fiesta to find the produce of your choice at affordable prices.

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Looking for lettuce? Hunting for portabellas? Fiesta Mart stocks carefully selected, always-fresh vegetables - from the common to the unusual. Our crisp beans, carrots and peas are dinnertime favorites. Our cucumbers, peppers and spinach make salads special! Whether you're searching for corn for a cookout or tomatoes for classic marinara sauce, Fiesta Mart will keep your crisper full at bountifully low prices.

Herbs and Spices

Herbs not only taste great but they also provide a myriad of health benefits. They are consumed widely for this reason. We at Fiesta strive to offer a variety of herbs that are not only healthy but also can be used for many culinary feasts.

Are you are wondering about their shelf life?

Unlike most foods, spices really don't go "bad." They simply lose their potency slowly over time. In general, whole spices last for approximately three years. Ground spices will keep their maximum flavor for two years. Herbs lose their flavor at a slightly quicker pace than spices. Expect them to last at peak flavor for between one and two years. If you follow proper storage techniques these shelf life targets are more than attainable.

Keep spices in tightly sealed containers. This eliminates excess air and will help them stay fresher longer. Your senses of sight, smell and taste will help you determine if your spices and herbs will deliver the flavor you need for your recipes. If one of your spices is pale, tasteless and does not emit any aroma when you rub a pinch between your fingers, it's time to replace it with a fresh container.

As you begin to experiment with more herbs and spices, you'll have fun cooking and sharing your flavorful creations with family and friends. Stop by your local Fiesta and explore the hundreds of herbs and spices we have in stock. In fact, many of Texas' top chefs come to Fiesta to shop. You'll never know who will be standing next to you in the spice aisle!