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Stay at Home WELL Day

Stay at Home WELL Day

11.29.2011We are always on the hunt for funny "holidays" and today, November 29th might be the funniest (and our favorite) yet. Today is - Stay at home because you are well day. You know, the opposite of a sick day.
The holidays have just started (congrats for making it through another Thanksgiving!) and December is just about to kick off. Perhaps you have some extra "sick" days that if you don't use 'em, you'll lose 'em? This is a time to kick back, take a deep breath, reflect on 2011, get ready for 2012 and catch up on your DVR! Of course we recommend stopping by your local Fiesta Mart to get some of your favorite comfort foods and a magazine or two before getting all comfy, but you probably already knew that.
And since you're probably reading this blog post AT work thinking why didn't I know about this day earlier? Don't fear - you can either take a half "well" day or plan ahead for later in the week. Your boss won't be as suspicious if you take it tomorrow. Take a break - you deserve it!
Life's a Fiesta! Stop by your local Fiesta Mart this week and find out what's going on inside.



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