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Mark Twain + Champagne

Mark Twain + Champagne

2012-02-22_1"Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right." - Mark Twain.

You heard the man. The literary genius himself - he loves champagne and luckily, so do we! And luckily, you can find tons of brands at almost every price range at your local Fiesta Mart grocery store.

People too often think of champagne as a celebratory drink as if it should be saved and stockpiled for birthdays, anniversary's and big holidays like New Year's Eve. But for some, the bubbly taste of champagne is a great drink to unwind after a long work day, just like a cold hard beer might be for some.

Next time you're in one of our Fiesta grocery stores, ask one of our wine experts for suggestions on champagne. It really is a flavor you have to wet your palate for!

Don't want to drink straight champagne? Take a look at a few of the tastiest and bubbliest champagne drink recipes.

To check out a list of all our Beverage Marts around Texas, click here.

[And of course we don't ever recommend drinking "too much champagne". Be sure you're drinking wisely, are of age and never drink and drive.]

Life's a Fiesta! Stop by your local Fiesta Mart this week and find out what's going on inside.



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