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Take Out No More.

Take Out No More.

2012-02-29_1Even though it's the end of February, we know some of you out there still have those New Year's Resolutions in high gear. (Congrats, PS.) Whether it was to eat healthy, spend less money going out to eat or stop ordering take out, this article from Real Simple on Fake It With Takeout will surely help - either your waistline or your wallet. Or both!

Whether you're craving pizza, chicken pasta, Chinese, fried chicken, or something else, this article has you covered. Stop by your local Fiesta grocery store and pick up the ingredients listed with each recipe and make your own takeout at home. It'll save money, it'll give you a challenge (trust us, have you ever tried making homemade pizza to rival your favorite local delivery version??) and who knows - you may even find a new favorite meal to make for the family.

Life's a Fiesta! Stop by your local Fiesta Mart this week and find out what's going on inside.



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