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Toast Life With Korbel

Toast Life With Korbel

2012-03-06_1In our February issue of Viva Fiesta, thanks to Valentine's Day, we focused a lot on love and romance. Cooking at home, and of course, fab champagne! We had no idea how many of our Fiesta customers would love our section on "Toast Life with Korbel" (excerpt copied below).

Whether it's Valentine's Day, your anniversary, birthday, you got a promotion, just closed on a house, or anything else exciting - any day is a good day to Toast Life.

Korbel Featured Winery:

Korbel Sweet Rosé California
Korbel Extra Dry California
Korbel Brut California
Korbel Rosé California
Korbel Organic Brut California

Employing méthode champenoise, the time-honored French technique of producing champagne, Korbel has become an internationally known and award-winning champagne label. Korbel Brut is a style lighter and drier than any American champagne on the market, making it the first champagne developed specifically for American tastes.

For a delicious new drink, try the Korbel Sweet-ini recipe listed on the Korbel website. It's tasty. (But of course, only if you're 21!)

Fiesta is excited to offer a wide selection of adult beverages (both in our Fiesta grocery stores as well as the Fiesta Beverage Marts located throughout town). Please drink responsibly.

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