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Freezing Standards

Freezing Standards

2012-03-27_2The age old question - how long can I keep food in the freezer? The answer can vary for many reasons - the temperature at which you keep your freezer set, the food you are attempting to store, the type of food, etc.

Real Simple Magazine has a nifty little cut out in the back of their April issue for these exact tips. Below are just a few of the tips they offer. You can check their website for hundreds more tips (including the best containers to store food in) as well as ask any of our knowledgeable staff members at your local Fiesta grocery store during your next visit.

A handy guide to storing food in your freezer courtesy of Real Simple:

Baguette: 3 weeks

Bread crumbs: 6 months

Broth, boxed and canned: 3 months

Butter, sticks: 6 months

Cakes, homemade and bakery: 3 months (tip, freeze a cake unfrosted when possible)

Cheese, hard, block: 6 months

Cheese, hand, grated: 4 months

Cheese, semi-hard, block, packaged: 6 months

Coconut, shredded: 6 months

Cookie dough: 3 months for homemade, 2 months for store-bought

Egg white: 6 months

Flour, whole-wheat: 2 years

Ginger: 6 months

Milk: 3 months

Muffins: 2 months

Nuts, shelled: 6 months

Pesto, refrigerated: 3 months

Pita bread: 3 months

Tofu: 5 months

Tortillas, refrigerated and shelf-stable: 3 months

Whipped topping: 6 months

Yogurt: 2 months

Hopefully that guide from Real Simple will help you out. Another handy tip - use a sharpie (or duct tape and write on it) with the date you stored the food - every few months go through your freezer (and even refrigerator) and start to clean it out.

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