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Celebrate Maifest with Fiesta!

Celebrate Maifest with Fiesta!


Maifest (or Mayfest) is one of Germany's oldest traditions, the celebration of nature's bright reawakening after winter's cold darkness. The custom of the Maypole began in the tenth century, when villagers would erect a pole in the local square and decorate it with sausages, cakes and multicolored ribbons. Dancing around the Maypole, medieval citizens believed, would bring good luck and wealth. The Maypole and the dance around it is a symbol of spring's reawakening of fruitfulness. In some areas a whole village may gather around a Maypole to hold hands, dance, sing and drink.

Its superstitious aspects have long since disappeared, but Maifest is still celebrated throughout Germany, where cities and villages are bedecked with colorful drapery and flowers. Some areas light bonfires, while others elect May kings and most retain the Maypole. Once again, the food is plentiful and beer and wine flow freely.

The ancient tradition of Maifest (May Festival) is becoming increasingly popular in cities across the US with traditional dancing, food and of course the customary food and drink.

Why not try a Maibowle (May punch), a refreshing mixture of white wine, champagne and woodruff; Maiwein (a German wine produced during May) or Maibock (German beer brewed only during this season). Since May is the start of the picnic season, why not try some wholesome Mestemacher German breads from our International department, Butterkäse or Cambozola cheeses and Westphalian ham and pickles from the Deli.

Join us and create your own Maifest. Welcome in Spring with a selection of fine imported German foods from Fiesta!



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