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How Long do Herbs and Spices Last?

How Long do Herbs and Spices Last?

A variety of herbs and spices in metal containers.

Unlike most foods, spices really don't go "bad". They simply lose their potency slowly over time. In general, whole spices last for approximately three years. Ground spices will keep their maximum flavor for two years. Herbs lose their flavor at a slightly quicker pace than spices. Expect spices to last at peak flavor for between one and two years. If you follow proper storage techniques these shelf life targets are more than attainable.
Light, heat and humidity can change the flavor and limit the shelf life of herbs and spices. Store them in a cool, dark, dry place. A shelf in your kitchen pantry or cabinet is a good choice. Avoid the temptation to place them on a ledge directly above your stove. While this is decorative and would make them easily accessible, they will lose their potency quicker due to the heat and humidity given off by your stove.
Keep spices in tightly sealed containers. This eliminates excess air and will help them stay fresher longer. Your senses of sight, smell and taste will help you determine if your spices and herbs will deliver the flavor you need for your recipes. If one of your spices is pale, tasteless and does not emit any aroma when you rub a pinch between your fingers, it's time to replace it with a fresh container. Old spices are not toxic, but they will disappoint in terms of results.
Another word of caution, avoid shaking your herb or spice canister directly over hot, steamy pots to season your creations. Doing so will fill your spice containers with both heat and humidity. For the same reason, do not to place moist utensils into your spice containers.
As you begin to experiment with more herbs and spices, you'll have fun cooking and sharing your flavorful creations with family and friends. Stop by your local Fiesta and explore the hundreds of herbs and spices we have in stock. In fact, many of Texas' top chefs come to Fiesta to shop. You'll never know who will be standing next to you in the spice aisle!
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