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Celebrate South Asian Independence Day

Celebrate South Asian Independence Day

Happy Indian girl

Every year, on August 14th and 15th respectively, Pakistan and India celebrate their independence from British rule. Government offices close down and people commemorate this defining event by wearing the colors of their national flags, decorating their homes and celebrating with a great deal of zeal and passion.

This region has formed a distinct cultural unit within the main cultural complex of South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia from the earliest times, and is similar to Turkey's position in Eurasia.  The food habits differ from place to place within the Indian Sub Continent. Its food culture often labeled as a blending of food cultures across the Indian Sub Continent.

At Fiesta, we understand this diversity and offers a complete range of ingredients to prepare your South Asian recipes. From everyday basics like Rice, Atta and Dal imported from Pakistan and India, to Spices that will make your meal a specialty treat. We also carry Indian tea and Coffee, Cookies, Snacks, Samosas, Gulab Jamoon, Mango Juice and the famous Kulfis. If you are looking to cook a full meal or just some quick snacks, head towards your local Fiesta Mart.

To honor 66 years of Independence from the British Empire, here are some recipes from our Recipe Corner to celebrate!

Happy Independence Day to Pakistan and India!



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