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Which Turkey is Best: Frozen, Fresh or Precooked?

Which Turkey is Best: Frozen, Fresh or Precooked?

Raw -turkey

With today's freezing methods, there is no significant difference in quality between a fresh turkey and a frozen one. If you like to shop well in advance of cooking your meal, a frozen turkey is your best bet. Make sure the turkey is frozen solid. As there are a number of choices when it comes to frozen turkeys, read the label carefully, so you buy exactly what you want: injected or not injected with seasonings and juices, basted or unbasted, smoked, etc. To defrost your turkey in the refrigerator, a quick rule of thumb is to allow one day for every four pounds of turkey.

When shopping for a fresh turkey, press very firmly on the bird to ensure that the moisture in the bird is not frozen. Buy your fresh turkey one to two days before you cook it. Some labels can be helpful by including a sell by date. The turkey will maintain optimal quality and safety one to two days after that date. The most important thing to remember: when you get your fresh turkey home, refrigerate it right away, and use it within one to two days.

Frozen _stuffed _turkey

If you're short on time or looking for convenience in the kitchen, try one of Fiesta Mart's fully-cooked or pre-cooked turkeys. Butterball's fully-cooked whole turkey, available fresh or frozen, is an easy way to heat and serve a whole turkey. Butterball's stuffed whole turkey easily goes from the freezer to the oven with no thawing.

If you have any questions about turkey and the best choice for your family gathering, please contact us or speak to one of our associates in any Fiesta Mart Meat Department. They are here to help you create the most delicious spread for your holiday table.



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