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Sticking to your New Year Resolutions

Sticking to your New Year Resolutions

The new year has come and gone -- along with your best efforts at keeping those earnestly planned resolutions.  The new exercise equipment collects dust, as does your gym membership card; there are more take-out containers than actual food in the fridge; the carefully designed weight loss plan bores you. 

 You just need an extra boost.  Whatever your promise to yourself may be, Fiesta can help you keep it.  Whether you'd like to adjust your meal plan or overhaul your menu, we've gotresolution solutions.

 How's the new diet?  The workout regimen?  The attempt at home-cooking?  If "just so-so" is your answer, perhaps we can be of assistance in refreshing your resolve.  Fiesta always has something exciting to offer:  "party" is who we are, and it's what we do with food! 

You're bound to discover a new bite of edible encouragement.  Just a quick example of what we can do: 

The new diet?

-A diet won't seem like a diet if you're enjoying triple-strained Greek yogurt with locally-produced honey and pomegranate arils.  Sounds exotic?  Enticing?  Think of it as a snack.  Fiesta can easily handle your changing dietary tastes with our famous produce variety, fruit and vegetable juices, lean meats, low-fat dairy products -- and, yes, even diet-friendly desserts.

 That workout regimen? 

-A workout routine will be anything but "routine" with a wide selection of protein bars, wholesome energy snacks and fitness beverages on hand.  Make an exploration of our assortment of bulk foods, nutritional supplements and natural health products a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.

Lukewarm attempts at home cooking?

-Your home-cooked meals will go from hot dogs to haute cuisine after taking our next class at Fiesta's Culinary School: 

Join us Jan. 31 when we have Chef Tim bring us a "Super Bowl" of flavor.  He has worked as an Executive Chef at various professional stadiums, and this year he will show us how to make Hearty Soups & Tasty Snacks to keep us in the comfort zone.

This year your resolution will no longer be a guilt-ridden burden that you have to keep, but a guilt-free pleasure that you get to enjoy!  



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