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Introducing the Tri-Tip

Introducing the Tri-Tip

This is Texas, and we cherish our barbecue! Do we not grace many a grill with our fajita? What barbecue pit between El Paso and the Sabine River has not encountered a moment-defining brisket? If ever a Texan were thought to be shy of grillin' skills, the mere idea would be rendered laughable -- a rumor, a myth, like the chupacabra.

Tri -tip

Although we often engage in legendary Battles of the Barbecue with Kansas City and the Carolinas, how the heck did California go unnoticed when they have one of the most wonderful treasures since the Gold Rush?

While Californians immediately recognize their beloved tri-tip and the legendary Santa Maria-style barbecue, this triangular cut of beef has eluded the barbecue repertoire of Texans for too long. Cut from the bottom sirloin and above the flank, the tender tri-tip steak requires only simple seasonings to impress even our picky palates.

Really, the tri-tip's journey from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast was bound to happen: The tri-tip originated in Santa Maria, California, as a result of its rancheros history and vaqueros tradition. Yes, "vaqueros," as in "cowboys." So, indeed, this delicious bit of history is essentially coming from Western cowboy to Southern cowboy. 

We tip our hats; much obliged!

Tri-Tip Tips
One of our Western brethren offers wonderful advice for preparing a classic Santa Maria-style barbecued tri-tip:

1. Use your favorite dry rub, but keep it simple:  He recommends a Montreal steak seasoning. 

2. "Slow & low" is the way to go.  Initially sear the surface on high heat to lock in the juices, but then lower your grill's temperature to roughly 300 degrees and cook the meat for approximately 45 minutes (or until the meat almost reaches the desired level of "doneness"). Remove from heat and allow the meat to rest for a few minutes.  

3. Fun for one but hearty for a party:  The tri-tip is an affordable cut that suits any family gathering or neighborhood barbecue just fine.  There's no need for hoardin', unless y'all are just plain greedy.

4. Our Meat Departments are all set. Visit your local Fiesta to delight in this California gold-turned-Texas treasure.





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