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Cure Spring Fever with a Picnic Party

Cure Spring Fever with a Picnic Party

PicnicBasketAs the weather turns warm and delightfully balmy, it's impossible to confine ourselves to the LED-lit indoors without wistfully gazing out those oh-so inviting windows... <sigh!>

Spring fever: an interesting malady, because the only cure is to succumb to it.

Welcome spring's splendor with a picnic -- even better, a picnic party. Picnic parties lend themselves to inherent excitement with breezy charm, whether they're casual family gatherings or themed community soirees.

Our staff event planners have simple, yet effective ideas for turning the most basic, everyday picnic into its own celebration:

For starters...

  • Keep the food fuss-free and colorful, fun for adults and kids alike. Think "finger friendly": sliced artisan breads or bolillos (spectacular for sandwiches), deli meats or buffalo wings, two to three cheese varieties, fruit & cut-up veggies with vinaigrettes and/or mustard condiments. Voilà, done!

  • Watch the perishables, particularly as the temps climb. Everyone has heard variations of the story about "a friend of a friend who got food poisoning from the macaroni salad at the neighborhood picnic." Fortunately, most cases of food poisoning are preventable; just remember to mind your P's & Q's regarding food safety. Get tips at

Kicking things up a notch...

  • Get a unifying color or element and turn your imagination loose. Love the color blue? Select plasticware and cups in your favorite shade(s), and go from there: You can extend the color to an entire motif -- i.e., "blue" as in water (sailboats/beaches, pirates/mermaids); air (airplanes, clouds, space/astronauts); floral (Texas bluebonnets, irises), etc.

  • Give your picnic party a full-blown theme. For example, going back to the color blue, you probably started to think of a few themes as you went through the preceding short list: sailing/naval, Pirates of the Caribbean, a picnic in the clouds/under the sea, etc. Don't hesitate to consult with the wee ones for input, too! Kids are amazing at offering clever brainstorm topics, and their involvement guarantees that the picnic is truly inclusive of everybody in your merry bunch.

  • Explore the picnic-related foods of different lands. An international twist can be a small step, such as incorporating Italian prosciutto or North African couscous, or it can become its own theme, i.e., "Springtime in Paris."

  • Have a ridiculous amount of fun. If the process feels more like work than play, you're trying too hard. Relax & cherish the leisure time with family and friends -- the primary purpose of any picnic.





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