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Stocking-Up the Man Cave, Man Bag & Other Bafflements

Stocking-Up the Man Cave, Man Bag & Other Bafflements

Fathers DayFather's Day marks Dad's officially designated time to revel in the household limelight, delighting in his (perhaps eccentric) hobbies and habits. Not only is shopping for Papa potentially stressful, but it can be a bewildering experience.

We're here to help you find ways to keep Pop happy. Thanks to the fathers among our ranks, we've got a growing starter list:

-Keep the mini-fridge in his workshop/garage/game room/study - okay, "man cave" - stocked with beverages, deli sandwiches & buffalo wings. Also pick up extra batteries for the universal remote control: You're showing that you appreciate Dad's sense of planning. Or his resourcefulness when he simply wings it.

-Select vitamins and natural health products for Dad's personal bag for travel, golf, etc. If he resists the practicality of a personal bag, derisively calling it a "man purse," remind him that fish oil supplements will not fit in a wallet.

-Grill, baby, grill! Whether or not Pa says he can cook, we'll bet he can work wonders with any form of food placed on or near an open flame. The urge to barbecue is too primal to ignore; the practice has been captured on cave paintings. Somewhere. Anyway, you've got a sure-fire hit when you check out our selection of marinaded meats, organic produce and grill-ready seafood.

-Let 'em eat cake. Oh, and cookies and pies, too, preferably à la mode. Dad gets to go for it; all year long, Dad follows a strict diet (or maybe one that's a bit more loosey-goosey), so our delectable bakery treats really make the occasion.

Although we can't solve every riddle regarding Dad's tastes and preferences, we'll get you headed in the right direction. Visit us at your area Fiesta for ideas and inspiration to whip-up one heckuva Father's Day.




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