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Our Salty-Sweet Melon Madness

Our Salty-Sweet Melon Madness

WatermelonPerhaps melons are nature's way of giving us joy in the midst of a Texas summer. If so, we've got plenty of juice-dribbling happiness to share!

Our friends from tropical climates have taught us clever ways of enjoying melons, regardless of a little heat 'n' humidity.

Take the sweaty temps in stride with these refreshingly cool ideas:

  • Ahhh! Aguas Frescas: Chop up a ripe honeydew or cantaloupe, place the chunks in a pitcher, fill the pitcher with water and let the mixture steep in the fridge overnight. Add fresh mint leaves for maximum "ahhh!" power. 
  • Watermelon + (Almost Any Fruit) Smoothie: Watermelon, having such a high liquid content, loves a blender. Although tropical fruit, such as mangos and papaya, go beautifully with watermelon, we still haven't been able to think of any fruit that won't work well in a watermelon-based smoothie. 
  • Go for a Dip: Try vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt with a little honey as a melon dipping sauce. (By the way, as with the watermelon smoothie, the yogurt dip tip applies to most fruit.) 
  • Spice Things Up: You may have already tried sprinkling a bit of salt on melons as a flavorful contrast to their natural sweetness. Kick-up the combination another notch with Tajin, a Mexican fruit sprinkle made with chile peppers, salt and lime: truly a culinary fire & ice! 

Admittedly, melons can't take the heat out of summertime, but they make you not mind it quite so much.




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