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We're Starved for a Family Movie Night

We're Starved for a Family Movie Night

PopcornWe're all moving at a fast pace these days, going from activity to activity. Even when the kids are out of school, there's still summer camp, summer parties, summer school, internships and summer jobs to plan around. And with all of the mobile devices that keep us connected to the internet and our social media accounts, it's harder to get the family all together for a dinner, much less a family activity.

Okay, maybe it's time for a family movie night. It'll give you a chance to slow down and spend some quality time together.

Just the prep work alone keeps everyone entertained, from picking out a flick to producing the oh-so-important snacks. Indeed, in our household, the Benevolent Makers of Snacks are accorded a special status that's on par with visiting dignitaries.

Some of our favorite movie snacks embody a haiku-like simplicity that saves time, money and the upholstery on the sectional sofa (well, usually): apple wedges and cheese cubes; veggies and hummus; sandwich quarters - young kids can handle them, plus the presentation makes them feel special - and, of course, popcorn. You could have a heyday with the kiddies on selecting popcorn flavorings, ranging from traditional butter to zesty chile with lime. You can even divide it up and have a popcorn sampler - cheese in one bowl, butter in another, and plain to dip in caramel sauce in a third.

The important thing is that everyone feels included in some way, even the wee ones who may not yet be able to talk in complete sentences but can point a mustard-stained finger at a cheese selection and say, "please."

Thinking about the fun we have together gives me a warm fuzzy. Let's do a double feature.




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