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The Great Coffee Caper

The Great Coffee Caper

Coffee BeansWhy, oh why did I decide to cut down on coffee right before the school year madness? Where will I be without a morning commuter fix of Sumatra cafe au lait, followed by a mid-morning iced hazelnut latte and post-lunch Turkish coffee? The thought of eating no-dunk, dry biscotti seems like such a letdown, right up there with rainy parades and bad hair days.

Granted, "cutting down" is not the same thing as "giving up," but I already miss the small indulgences, as well as the brief catch up time with coworkers and my favorite coffeehouse barista. Hmmm, I'll have to live -- or sip -- vicariously through other java aficionados.

Fellow coffee lovers, please paint the mental picture for me, down to the final whiff of coffee beans: What roast do you prefer? Pre-ground, or do you have your own grinder at home? Let's get down 'n' dirty; give me even the controversial buzz: flavoring syrups, non-dairy creamers, decaf, instant coffee -- don't hold back! Believe me, when you're biting your knuckles from a missed coffee klatch, no related tale is too tawdry.

So 'fess up. If you've been guilty of coffee hoarding, grind snobbery or speeeeed-talking, feel free to share your experiences.

I can empathize: I'll be in my office, drinking water and leaving teeth marks on my thumb. Maybe I'll switch to tea.   




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