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Zumba Makes Cool Evenings Sizzle

Zumba Makes Cool Evenings Sizzle

ZumbaUsually, I hate exercise. Can't stand all the moving around, 'cause physical activity and I simply don't mix. Running? Only if something's chasing me. Therefore, when a coworker suggested that we take advantage of the comfortable evening weather in September and October by trying a Zumba class, I looked at her as if she'd plumb lost her mind.

For those of you who have no idea what Zumba is, or why some people go ga-ga over it, it's a cardio workout fused with Latin, Indian and Middle Eastern dance moves. If South Beach, Bollywood and Dubai wanted to throw a one-world mega-party, it would feature Zumba. When you hear someone say, "Come with bells on," that's no exaggeration: Hip-loving belly dance belts abound, clinging in tempo with the rhythmic frenzy that generally lasts about 90 minutes.

I didn't miss a beat -- well, not initially. Lost in the frenetic movements, I was temporarily in the zenith of my club-hopping years again, sashaying and swaying, putting funky salsa and cumbia moves back in action. The experience was pure bliss.

Let me clarify that last comment: The experience was pure bliss for a quarter hour. Fifteen minutes into the workout-come-dance-party, my body, which was out of shape (as well as out of breath), cried out indignantly, "Oh, so now you suddenly enjoy exercise? Ya gotta be kiddin', lady," and promptly threw in the towel. My spirit was still willing, and exhausted but giddy, I continued to move slightly to the music's beat, even as I retreated from the main area, desperately seeking the closest water station.

Okay, my first attempt at Zumba wasn't stellar, but maybe I just need to take it easy, and build my endurance gradually. Regardless, for a brief but glorious time, I was the queen of the dance floor again, and I was fabulous!

Next time, this diva will shoot for half an hour. Uh, better make that 20 minutes.




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