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Everything's Better Outside: Festival Season

Everything's Better Outside: Festival Season

OctoberFestIn a bold, inky ring, this Sunday is circled on our calendar: the beginning of Autumn. We're gleefully booking our weekends with all things "outdoorsy," well, at least in city-speak terms: strolling through shopping plazas, antiquing (complete with the requisite stop for coffee and/or gelato) and, best of all, fall festivals.

This year we've challenged ourselves to head on a vibrant roadtrip from festival to festival: the State Fair in Dallas; Wurstfest in the Hill Country; Houston's Bayou City Art Festival and, of course, Austin's famous live music scene. We're not sure which aspect of festival-hopping is more memorable -- the sights or the food -- but we're planning to gorge ourselves on both.

Festivals and cultural events are beacons to us weekend warriors. Quiet reserve becomes wonderfully pointless when we're applauding a group of Greek folk dancers with cheers of "Opa!" Self-consciousness turns into self-revelation as a spirited 9-year-old teaches us to merengue at the Puerto Rican, Cuban & Dominican Festival. And, surely, a few rounds of the chicken dance at Oktoberfest will burn off every calorie in a plate of Sauerbraten.

Explore your area this season, reveling in every bit of the local savoir faire. We'd invite you to come with us, but a coworker already called shotgun.



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