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The Rodeo: Going Native -- or Not

The Rodeo: Going Native -- or Not

Rodeo time, ceremoniously launched on "Go Texan Day," always seems to compel us to try to out-Texan one another, from the smokiest hickory barbecue to the sweetest slice of pecan pie. Here's a little secret for y'all: The key to being a "real" Texan isn't how blue your bluebonnets are, or how well your great-great granddaddy knew Davy Crockett; it's how you share your love of good food.

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Fiesta encourages you to "rodeo" in whatever manner takes your fancy, whether that means your chili is traditional venison or contemporary vegetarian, your peppers are sweet 'n' mild or lose-your-mind loco.

If you keep an open mind and a hot pot, you're in for mighty fine cooking. 

Anyone who's spent mean time in a kitchen or behind a barbecue pit knows that inspiration comes from many sources. Indeed, the more receptive a cook is to outside influences, the more ideas the cook develops -- and the better the cook cooks! 

Perhaps that's why we get a little happier -- and a little hungrier -- during Rodeo time: With so many people from places near and far, there's bound to be a dizzying panorama of amazing foods and flavor combinations. 

Now THAT'S truly Texan. Y'all enjoy the Rodeo! 



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