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Something's Fishy: A Fear of Seafood Cooking

Something's Fishy: A Fear of Seafood Cooking

What is it about cooking with seafood that makes us revert to the safety of what we've always known? Indeed, for those of us who didn't grow up with seafood at home, we may be averse to trying anything beyond fish sticks! (Not that we're knocking a perfectly good excuse to indulge in tartar sauce...)

Seafood Month

Habits die hard, food habits die harder, seafood habits just plain don't die. One customer north of D/FW, who describes herself as "an admitted 'landlubbing' Kansas City native," tells us that she never really understood the big thrill about seafood until she met her now-husband whose family hails from Lake Charles, Louisiana: 

"My family's originally from Kansas City (which is known for barbecue), but we didn't have much in the way of fish or (shellfish) at that time. Once in a while, I'd try maybe fried catfish, but that was about it. When I met (Seafood Hubby), he introduced me to all kinds of things that I'd never even heard of! Although I'll have a bite or two of (Seafood Hubby)'s mom's Shrimp Creole, I'm still 'weird' about crawfish... But my kids love it!"

Okay, so Ms. Kansas City wasn't completely won over to the cause of all things seafood -- but kudos to her for trying something new: that's 90% of the battle in the fear of fish. Mind over halibut. Lox limitations.

Small steps outside of our food comfort zones are incremental, and your taste buds will be rewarded well.  

For example, if you love the fish sandwiches at fast-food eateries, try wrapping cod fillets with a tablespoon of creamy dressing in aluminum foil and grilling them; if you enjoy the visceral experience of finger foods, then steaming clams and drizzling them with garlicky butter will tickle your fancy; if you like Spanish paella and Italian cioppino, have you ever experimented with the coconut milk-infused Brazilian moqueca?  

Hmmm, this could be fun...

...which is the whole point: Food should be fun, and seafood is certainly no exception. When in doubt, ask our Seafood Department Managers for tips -- or, you can even get started at our Recipe Corner.

Quit playing it safe. Go fish!






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