Life's a Fiesta!
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Life's a Fiesta!

Fun in the Sun Picnic Food Safety Tips

Picnics offer lots of opportunities for outdoor fun with family and friends. But these warm weather events also present opportunities for foodborne bacteria to thrive. As food heats up in summer temperatures, bacteria multiply rapidly. To protect yourself, your family, and friends from foodborne illness during warm-weather months, safe food handling when eating outdoors is critical. Read on for simple food safety guidelines for transporting your food to the picnic site, and preparing and serving it safely once you’ve arrived.

12 New Food Ideas to Try on the Grill

If you think grilling is limited to hotdogs and hamburgers, it’s time to look outside the bun. Grilling gives a whole new dimension to a variety of foods, plus it saves you from heating up the kitchen. Try the following foods on the grill and serve them at your next get-together. Your grill may just take center stage at more of your meals from now on.

We’re Cookin’ with Tequila!

In honor of this day, we’d like to dedicate this post to North America’s first distilled spirit. Tequila has been produced in México since shortly after the Spanish conquered the country in the early 1500s. Similar to cognac and champagne in terms of specific growing regions, only alcoholic beverages made with Blue Weber Agave (Agave Tequilana Weber Blue), grown within approximately a one hundred mile radius of the town of Tequila in Jalisco State, and under the rules of the Official Norma of Tequila, can be labelled as “Tequila”.

Fiesta Food Jingle Quiz

We grew up with them. We sang them over and over. We loved them and sometimes, when they got stuck in our heads, they drove us crazy! Some of these jingles are golden oldies and some are newer.

A NEW Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor for National Ice Cream Month

Just in time for National Ice Cream Month, Blue Bell Creameries is introducing Summer Strawberry Pie Ice Cream, a superbly luscious strawberry ice cream combined with sweetened strawberries, flaky piecrust pieces and a whipped topping swirl. What could be more refreshing on a hot midsummer day?