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Life's a Fiesta!

Ten tips to make healthy foods more fun for kids

Involve your kids when preparing meals.

Freezing Standards

The age old question – how long can I keep food in the freezer? The answer can vary for many reasons – the temperature at which you keep your freezer set, the food you are attempting to store, the type of food, etc.

How Much Time Do You Spend In The Kitchen?

Different strokes for different folks, right? That’s how the saying goes.

Wasting Wine? Say It Ain’t So!

Wasting wine? That sounds crazy right? Perhaps it’s because we really love drinking wine, but alas, wasted wine can happen. Aside from washing it down the kitchen sink, we knew there had to be a few more uses for the “bad” wine and luckily we ran across this blog post from a site we recently found,

March is National Nutrition Month

We realize nutrition and eating healthy probably aren’t always top of mind, all the time, for everyone, right? But thanks to those monthly holidays, and help from your favorite grocery store, March can be a month to learn new healthy eating habits and really focus on it. It’s 31 days, you can do it, right? Right!