Life's a Fiesta!
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Life's a Fiesta!

Meet the Neighbors

Five Facebook postings and two e-mails later, we finally got together with friends for dinner.

Living on the Wild Side

Our long-time friend, Alicia, contacted us out of the blue yesterday, bragging like any proud parent about Owen's performance in a recent contest. The video that she sent of little Owen was certainly impressive, and it was apparent that he deserved a well-earned trophy.

We're Starved for a Family Movie Night

We're all moving at a fast pace these days, going from activity to activity. Even when the kids are out of school, there's still summer camp, summer parties, summer school, internships and summer jobs to plan around.

Vive la France! Please Pass the Butter

We're feeling inspired: July brings a month of festivals -- and opportunities to eat -- throughout France, from the Tour de France and the Festival d'Avignon to Bastille Day and the Nice Jazz Festival.

Ice Cream Gets All Grown Up with Sizzling Fruit

Summers just bring out our inner kids. The wonderfully sticky-sweet, ooey-gooey pleasures of summertime simply demand their due: ice cream, baby!