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Wasting Wine? Say It Ain’t So!

Wasting Wine? Say It Ain’t So!

Wasting wine? That sounds crazy right? Perhaps it's because we really love drinking wine, but alas, wasted wine can happen. Aside from washing it down the kitchen sink, we knew there had to be a few more uses for the "bad" wine and luckily we ran across this blog post from a site we recently found,

They recently posted an article, Top 10 things to do with wine besides drink it, and we thought it was handy enough to share with our readers here. A few of their tips included softening your skin, making vinegar, making jelly, freezing it and quite a few other handy ideas. Read the entire article (linked above) to find out the other things to do with wine.

What do you do with wine besides drink it? And if you only drink it, what's your favorite occasion to indulge in a few glasses?

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