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Fiesta Gift Cards – What a GREAT Idea

Fiesta Gift Cards – What a GREAT Idea

Fiesta Gift CardsWe get it - when it comes to birthdays and holidays and other glorious days when gifts are part of the equation, a grocery store may not be your first stop. But we're here to change that, because in all honesty, it should be!

Aside from being a great place to choose from a huge selection of greeting cards for any occasion, and a floral department with flowers in every color imaginable, we also have Fiesta gift cards, in any denomination. Whether it's a birthday present, a thank you gift, a wedding present or just a way of showing your appreciation, it's a great gift choice. After all, everyone needs groceries, right?

It may sound like a practical gift, but in today's economy, those are the kind of gifts everyone wants. Who wouldn't want a gift certificate to one of the freshest and most authentic grocery stores in the area? Especially one that specializes in International foods that can't be found at grocery stores anywhere else.

Stop by the customer service counter or any register to pick up your gift card today. We also recommend throwing in a greeting card, a cake (or even cupcakes) from our bakery department, and of course, flowers are always a nice touch. We promise!

Life's a Fiesta! Stop by your local Fiesta Mart this week and find out what's going on inside.



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