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One Summer Soirée, a B-Day Bash & Two Showers Later...

One Summer Soirée, a B-Day Bash & Two Showers Later...

Confetti And StreamerThe Joneses, our ultimate-host neighbors were dazed, their wine-stained welcome mat now a symbol of regret (but excellent rosé). It was a sorry sight: The Joneses' party-planning repertoire had been tapped-out and they were simply exhausted, stoically retrieving wayward confetti and random feta-stuffed olives from the patio lawn furniture (they still haven't found their cat).

So...yesterday Mrs. Jones saw us by the mailboxes and mentioned that she and Mr. Jones would be hosting the neighborhood block party this year - and wouldn't it be great if "another neighbor would volunteer to do it instead." A humdinger of a hint, wouldn't you say?

We gritted our teeth and, like complete fools, agreed to have the block party at our house.

Thankfully, being as familiar as we are with Fiesta stores, we knew exactly where to go. Conveniently, there's a Fiesta right down the street, and each of the department managers helped us put this thing together. We were worried, fearful that the cookout would be mediocre compared to the almost Gatsby-esque Jones' gatherings, but the quality was definitely there:

Between the Angus beef, marinaded meats and jumbo shrimp, everyone should be pleased as punch with the grilled offering... In addition to the meat, we picked up fresh pineapple and bell peppers, plus ingredients for the grilled chicken kabobs that the kids love from the Recipe Corner. How 'bout bruschetta? A few loaves of French bread ought to be more than enough.

Drinks were easy too: sodas, enhanced water/carbonated water/spring water, water, water...everything we needed. Ditto for wines and beer. We also picked up extra paper towels, too, just in case one of the kids dropped a cupcake on the couch again. What a waste; those cupcakes are amazing...

Needless to say, the party went quite well - the food was spectacular, the guests were happy, the Joneses' cat showed up - and we set a new benchmark of party standards.

Now the Jones' are trying to keep up.





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