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Fiesta Adds Organic Produce

05/21/13 00:00 AM CST

Go Organic BannerIf you've been spending more time in the produce section lately now that all the summer fruits and vegetables are coming in, you might have noticed a few changes. Fiesta is now offering organic produce at many of our stores, with more stores offering it in the next few weeks. We are excited about this new addition because it gives us a chance to feature even more locally grown products as part of our participation in the GO TEXAN program. Because the organic produce comes from local farmers, purchasing these products helps put dollars back into Texas farms.

We also know a lot of families want more choices when it comes to selecting their foods. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of fresh produce in our stores, and the organic program takes that a step further by giving you the opportunity to pick which foods work best for your family.

Have you ever tried organic? If not, there are several reasons you should think about it.

•Products certified organic have to be grown and handled according to strict procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs
•Organic production helps prevent more chemicals from pesticides being released into the air, earth or water
•Organic farming helps build healthier soil
•Organic farmers lead the way in innovative research that reduces pesticide use and minimizes agriculture's impact on the environment
•Organic farming helps preserve diversity since many farmers grow uncommon varieties of produce
•Organic farming gives small farms an alternative market where they can compete with larger farming companies

Look for the new organic produce during your next trip to your local Fiesta. Tell us what you think - talk to one of our store managers, or use the form on our Contact Us page.

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