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For Great Grilling, These Picks Are a Natural

05/14/14 00:00 AM CST

We bring even more all-natural goodness to outdoor cooking! Here are some premium selections to throw on the grill:

Swift Premium All Natural Fresh PorkSwift Premium Pork - Logo (jpeg)

This tender, juicy, flavorful high-quality pork delivers a delicious eating experience. It is available in a versatile selection of meat cuts, from chops to roasts to ground pork. Whatever culinary masterpiece you're creating, we have the cut that's perfect to serve every day or for special occasions. 

Swift 1855 Premium Pork -- available at select Fiesta stores only

SW_1855_LogoEach cut is selected on the basis of color. This red color is your assurance of a high-quality product. Swift 1855 adds that discerning "foodie" touch to all your memorable meals, home-cooked feasts and celebrations.

All Natural Smart Chicken

Smartchicken _text

Smart Chicken® offers a clever choice: all-natural chicken that is free of unwanted extras -- including additional water. The poultry is completely air-chilled, eliminating the need to add water. Smart Chicken®, fed a vegetable grain diet, can also boast having NO preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products. So what DOES this chicken have? Natural juices and real flavor.

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