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Bold Rosemary Calms the Soul

RosemaryYou'll always remember an encounter with aromatic rosemary. This is the herb that permeates your kitchen with a promising Mediterranean fragrance -- only to overpower the entire dish with intensity if you've used too much. Rosemary doesn't forgive a heavy hand, but it does reward restrained use generously, lending a signature scent that's unforgettable.

It's that very scent which intrigues us. Although you may already be familiar with rosemary's culinary pairing with potatoes, tomatoes, meats and poultry, did you realize that a mere whiff of it could elevate your mood?

The stimulating properties make sense, given that rosemary is part of the mint family, and it's no surprise that we've spotted it in everything from infused vinegars and olive oils to essential oil-based haircare products.

Yet there's a balance in the gusto, a method to the madness: Rosemary keeps your brain energized and aids memory (at least a little!), while it simultaneously calms the mind and helps you to maintain focus. It is literally an attention-harnassing herb.

Sample both the heightening and the calming aspects of rosemary in summertime cooking, as well as in seasonal fragrance combinations. We suggest adding a bit of lemon, lavender or peppermint to enhance the experience.

Indulge in rosemary's perfumed roar with fresh sprigs or dried leaves at your area Fiesta store.