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Curds 'n' Whey: Cottage Cheese and Ricotta

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Miss Muffett, perched on a tuffet, may have been enjoying a fine summertime meal if curds 'n' whey were on the menu: Cottage cheese is made from cheese curd; meanwhile, curd's watery counterpart, whey, is used to make delectable ricotta.

Both cheeses possess a delicate creaminess that balances summery salads, grilled foods and fruity desserts.

Let Mediterranean cuisine be your guide: For Italian dishes, cottage cheese lends a light hand to veggie lasagna, while ricotta blends superbly with chocolate and coffee in desserts or with tomato sauce as a filling in cannelloni. Across the Med, the powerful flavors of Moroccan spices, prominently featured in traditional fare such as couscous, are offset by cool cucumber salads made with cottage cheese or ricotta.

Of course, you can always keep things short 'n' sweet: olives, chopped tomatoes and ricotta with a bit of basil or thyme. (Don't forget the pita bread!)

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