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Does Anything Taste Better than Cocoa?

Mocha Double Chocolate BrowniesDoes anything taste better than cocoa? Now that must be a rhetorical question - one which has solely one correct response. If you answer "yes," then stop reading now, and feel free to return to your daily activities. You're truly a unique individual, one worthy of scientific study. The hordes of us who quickly responded "NO!" will marvel at your self-control but question your sanity.

Still there? Ah, of course you are! You probably share our personality traits, as do all fine people with a predilection for the cacao bean:

One of your favorite movies is Chocolat (no "e"; it's the French spelling, but such things matter little, 'cause you speak Chocolatese fluently).

You enjoy using cocoa butter lotion as much for its scent as for its therapeutic properties. Some people may prefer floral or green perfumes, but your idea of an exquisite fragrance is eau de cocoa.

Long before dark chocolate's antioxidants catapulted it to health food status, you were already a devotee. The rest of the world is just now catching up to your wisdom.

Your pantry is always stocked with at least two different types of chocolate: the kind that the kiddies eat once in a while, and the gourmet stash that's placed on the highest shelf you can reach, carefully concealed behind an unassuming jar of olives. (Recently, your spouse caught a glimpse of gold foil, so you know that you'll have to find another hiding place soon, very soon.)

Milk, white, dark, truffle, fudge, cinnamon, orange liqueur, hazelnut, almond, marzipan, coconut, peanut butter, brownie, rocky road, smores, espresso - all hint at chocolate's presence. And all have an open invitation anywhere and everywhere we are.

We empathize if you share our fixation, one that can only be remedied by Cacao's Cure. Just be sure that you're equally generous with your chocolate stash, too. Don't hold out on us!