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Give Yourself a "Raw" Deal

WomanWithFreshProduceUsually a raw deal isn't a particularly good thing. But when it comes to raw foods, you're actually doing yourself a real favor.

"Going raw" with healthy snacks and organic menu choices can boost the amount of nutrient-packed fruit and veggies in your diet. Also, some raw foodists claim that their bodies function better when they stick to low-heat (under 40°C/104°F) or no-heat cooking preparations.

Although we ourselves are not entirely ready to turn-off the stove and put the grill away, we can handle a bite of the raw lifestyle from time to time - certainly salads with a crunchy, colorful mélange of greens, bell peppers, pea pods, nuts, seeds, bean sprouts, dried fruit, sesame oil, honey and rice vinegar dressing. On a bed of carpaccio? Ceviche? How about sashimi?

Those suggestions are just quick ideas that we're throwing out there in 30 seconds or less. Imagine what you could concoct in a staggering 10 minutes!

Raring to go raw? Take your pick of heat-free possibilities on our Recipe Corner.