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Viva the Avocado

AvocadosLong live the avocado, long live you. Deemed a "super food" in some corridors of health and wellness, avocados can be a very versatile fruit. Avocados are their own indulgence to be enjoyed in Mexican cuisine, sandwiches, smoothies, salads -- and, of course, some amazing guac.

With a creamy texture that has a buttery feel, the easygoing avocado is pretty forgiving of novice cooks, perhaps because its use requires merely a decent kitchen knife and a squeeze of lemon or lime. In fact, for anything that's more complicated, i.e., you actually have to turn on a stove or fire-up a grill, avocados effortlessly shine as an accompaniment for whatever's being prepared. They're truly at the heart of casual dining and relaxed entertaining.

OH, and speaking of "heart"... As we mentioned earlier, avocados are known for their dietary benefit -- specifically, monounsaturated ("good") fat -- which makes the reward of sticking to a heart-healthy diet considerably more palatable. Literally. No dry, torturous rabbit food here.

Explore our avocado-based recipes at the Recipe Corner. You'll be treated to a life of fabulous flavor.